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Quality Statement

Liberty Tube Components specialize in the manipulation of tubular products and assemblies for the automotive applications. The business is committed to operating a formal documented Quality Assurance system to comply with ISO9001:2000, and TS16949. This will be attained by a clear recognition on the part of all employees in the company of their specific role within the system and the company's recognition of the need to ensure that the employees receive the necessary training and development to gain and maintain the skills required to perform these roles. All employees are empowered to act upon the principles of continuous business improvement and take whatever steps are necessary to implement these principles to ensure our continued profitability which is a measure of the extent we are able to satisfy our customers.

The effectiveness and suitability of the system is reviewed at regular intervals by the senior management of the company to ensure that it continues to reflect the goals of this policy. This is achieved by a regular series of internal audits, an annual management review and independent external audits by recognized bodies which could include the customers themselves. CTC is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the system.

The setting of Quality Objectives, and review of these objectives, is carried out during the Business Plan review. Actions towards achieving these objectives are tracked during the monthly management reviews.

The company is committed to compliance with statutory / regulatory requirements as set out and are also committed to the end of life vehicle directive (IMDS Data System) & Reach compliance.


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