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Fuel Filler Pipes

When it comes to working in a hazardous environment not many products have to cope with those conditions endured by that of a Fuel Filler Pipe. Inside the pipe there will be either petrol, diesel or bio-fuels, each with their own requirements. Outside, the pipe can be attacked by stone chips or corrosive materials such as mud and roads salts. And if that was not enough in the case of collision the Pipe must maintain its integrity and not allow potentially dangerous fuels to escape.

Having chosen the most appropriate material to use for the Fuel Filler Pipe, Mild steel or Stainless steel each part is produced to ensure integrity of assembly is maintained. Throughout the process leak tests and weld tests are carried out as well as standard dimensional checks.

Critical to the Fuel filler Pipe's performance is the surface treatment applied. CTC can offer e-coat, Nickel or Zinc plating, Powder coating or Plastic coating.

Liberty Tube Components are more than happy to add assembly components such as clips or hoses, providing our customer with product ready to assembly to the vehicle. For these safety critical items full traceability of all materials can be provided.

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