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Environmental Statement

Liberty Tube Components, which specialize in the manipulation of tubular products and assemblies, the majority of which are for automotive applications and Accles & Pollock which supplies to sectors such as automotive, aerospace, scientific, nuclear and medical. The businesses recognise the importance and the impact of its business upon all of its employees, visitors, infrastructure and the work / world environments so it is committed to improve its performance for HS&E through the following measures:

  • Comply with relevant HS&E legislation, industry codes of practice and other requirements.
  • Seek to reduce HS&E impacts / risks and prevent accidents / incidents / near misses and pollution in the manufacturing of its products and the operation of its manufacturing processes.
  • Improve the performance of the HS&E systems (taking into account Audits, Corrective / Preventative Actions, Risk Assessment / Aspects and Impact reviews).
  • Take account of concerns of interested parties such as regulators, shareholders, employees and the public.
  • Set objectives and targets to drive continual improvement programmes (management programmes) and regularly review HS&E performance to ensure success.
  • Ensure that all employees and any one working for or on behalf of the company are aware of this policy and are trained / aware of their HS&E responsibilities.
  • Make this policy available to our customers, public and any interested parties on demand.

This policy document will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate tothe companies requirements.
Senior management will ensure the workforce is aware of the CTC/CAP commitment to HS&E and will review the HS&E performance of the business at regular intervals. Senior management will oversee responsibility for the implementation of CTC/CAP policies and procedures and to ensure continuous improvement in HS&E within each of the departments. All Senior managers will ensure that they facilitate the continuous improvement programmes and communicate the HS&E responsibilities to all levels of employees and non-employees who enter their jurisdiction.

This policy will be implemented in accordance with ISO14001 environmental requirements and the Health and Safety model utilising OHSAS18001 (latest revision) as guideline for working HS practices. The system will be documented, implemented and maintained by nominated representatives.


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